Season 1, Episode 16
Air date May 16 2008
Directed by Fred Toye
Written by Ethan Erwin
Episode Chronology
What's Left Behind
"This isn't about being a vampire or a human. This is about us and how we feel about each other right here, right now."
— Mick

Sonata is the sixteenth and final episode of the TV series Moonlight. A star collegiate athlete is murdered at a party. A closer look vampire and human relationships leads to Beth questioning her relationship with Mick.

Characters Edit

Recurring characters:

New characters:

  • Dominic Michaels, a top athlete of Hearst College
  • Simone Walker, Josef's lawyer, blood donor, and lover
  • Hank Bishop, an athlete of Hearst College, gets into a fight with Dominic
  • Emma Monaghan, Dominic's manager and a vampire
  • Jackson Monaghan, Dominic's manager and a vampire
  • Lisa, a vampire and cheerleader, she's hooked up with Dominic
  • Cleaners
  • Troy

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